Sep 28, 2011

If our Founding Fathers were with us today…

by: Mrs. Beckstead

If our Founding Fathers were with us today,  I believe they would tell us three things:

  1. To have Faith in God
  2. Preserve and protect our God-given freedoms
  3. Understand the principles of our Constitution

But above all else, our Founders would want to give us hope that our nation will endure; and to remember, God provided miracles at critical times in their history and there are miracles yet to come.

Our debt today is to pay back to our Founders the price they paid with their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.  We repay this debt by preserving the Constitution for our posterity. We must maintain their same character of integrity, courage, and faith.

The simple faith that wrought miracles. Live by the principles you know to be true, make the same sacrifices and face the scorn of unpopular belief.

Freedom is not free. It must be earned.  We must learn what is required to remain free by not only reading the Constitution and understanding it but with wisdom go about restoring the vision our Founders had for America.  Freedom will be lost if we are only focused on earning money to make a living or getting good grades to get a high paying job. We must become truly educated in history and government by reading these documents and gain and understanding by discussing and debating like our scholars did as they wrote their class Constitution.

The opportunity to be patriots once again is clearly upon us.  There should be no doubt of what our duty is today.  If we cherish the freedoms we have, we must etch these sacred principles in our hearts and inspire that same patriot spirit that existed over two hundred years ago. Stand by our Constitution. You are not too busy to secure the blessings of liberty for yourself or your posterity. Make a commitment today, right now, to become involved in something that makes a difference. Find what it is you are here to accomplish in life, discipline yourself and do it.

The Founders were inspired. I am not discouraged they had faults. Their human nature gives me hope. Be it remembered, those who defame our Founders only serve to undermine our faith in the government they established.  The Founders were the best on the earth at the time to do their great work and we can be just like them and do ours despite our errors and weaknesses.  The Founders look to us, their posterity.  We were among them when they did their work and they are among us now pleading for us to do ours.  Yes, that was an exciting time in history when we established our government but they all looked forward to this day.  The day when the safeguards in the Constitution prevent its demise and the strongest patriots preserved for this time doing all they can to preserve it.

We must never forget how America became the greatest and most powerful nation in the world.  It didn’t just happen.  Men and women came from all over the world seeking freedom and opportunity.  They were the strong, fearless, and fiercely independent; they all had one thing in common – an unshakeable faith in themselves, in God, and in America.

John Greenleaf Whittier penned:

“where’s the manly spirit

of the true-hearted and the unshackled gone?

“Sons of old freemen, do we but inherit

Their names alone?

“Is the old Pilgrim spirit quenched within us,

Stoops the strong manhood of our souls so low,

That Mammon’s lure or Party’s wile can win us

To silence now?

“Now when our land to ruin’s brink is verging,

In God’s name, let us speak while there is time!

Now, when the padlocks for our lips are forging,

Silence is crime!”

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