Sep 7, 2012

What is Constitution Night?

by Mrs. Beckstead

As part of National Constitution Day, American Heritage Academy honors this inspired and timeless document by holding this event every year on September 17th. During the weeks that precede, the scholars learn about our Constitution in America and write their own class Constitutions. The scholars of American Heritage Academy recite the preamble and excerpts from the Constitution. The pitch of the room heightens as staff, scholars, and alumni are called up one by one to sign their Constitutions. Community dignitaries and politicians are encouraged to attend this event.

The following is Mrs. Beckstead address:

It was noon, October, 19, 1781, when two lines formed on the Yorktown battle field. One line was headed by Washington and the Americans. In the other line stood the French. Between them slowly marched the defeated British. The British General Cornwallis did not come. He excused himself as being indisposed. Instead, he sent his sword of surrender by the hand of General O’Hara. O’Hara tried to surrender the sword to the French commander but he was waved back to Washington. When Washington saw that a subordinate officer had come with the sword of surrender, he told O’Hara to make his presentation of the sword to one of Washington’s subordinates, General Benjamin Lincoln. The sword ceremony was the signal for the British to march forward and surrender.

At that very moment, on the Yorktown battlefield, America was given her freedom. Continue Reading

Each year our upper grammar scholars participate the the Veteran’s Day parade.  The scholars recite the Declaration of Independence and preamble to the Constitution.

Our scholars at American Heritage Academy love to read and perform Shakespeare. After the upper grammar finish their first week of school, they journey up to Cedar City to attend the Shakespearian Festival.

Aug 25, 2011

Opening Night

by Mrs. Beckstead

On Opening Night, all AHA families are invited to come meet their teachers, visit their classrooms, and get excited about all that will be learned in the coming year.  We preview the coming events for the year, and Mrs. Beckstead introduces the value focus and theme for the year.  This year we are focusing on the leadership value of our three pillar values – faith, patriotism, and leadership.  This year’s theme is:  Leadership – the Courage to Act with Integrity.

This night also gives parents the opportunity to meet the Parent Association board and learn how they can become involved with the various activities through the year.

Information on the following is also provided:

  • Before and After School program
  • Student Store and Hot Lunch program
  • Foreign Language immersion options: Mandarin and Spanish
  • Uniform Exchange
  • Tutoring
  • Private Fine Arts Lessons in art, voice, and musical instrument
  • Books, curriculum and teaching aids to purchase for home use
  • 8th grade “Path of the Patriots” trip

When  teaching, ask yourself the following questions:

  • 1.  Am I flexible if my original plan is not successful and find another way to teach the material?
  • 2.  Am I trying to get my students to understand the material and employing various teaching methods to ensure mastery?
  • 3.  Do I try to help them find life application to their learning?
  • 4.  Do I ask questions that make the students think?
  • 5.  Do I listen and try to understand my students answers and reply with a meaningful response?
  • 6.  Can I perceive deeper messages in the students questions and get to the root of the questions they are really asking?
Jun 23, 2011

Fine Arts Week

by Mrs. Beckstead

Hats off to our scholars who never cease to amaze us as they display their fine arts talents. Who can top the pianist who can play the piano upside down?

Jun 7, 2011

Read Across America Parties

by Mrs. Beckstead

Our scholars at American Heritage Academy know the academic importance of reading. Reading helps them excel in all areas of learning. At American Heritage Academy, our scholars “Read Across America” by recording the minutes they read daily. In each grade level a certain amount of minutes are required to gain a state. Once each of the 50 states are completed, the scholar has “Read Across America”. All scholars who accomplish this reading program have this day where they celebrate their achievement.

Jun 7, 2011

Science Fair Week

by Mrs. Beckstead


Our scholars at American Heritage Academy thrive in science! They love our hands on approach! On the first day of Science Fair Week, all scholars bring their science projects to display. Anticipation swells as judges come in to judge each scholar’s scientific genius. Our scholars especially look forward to the last day of the week, our Science Experiment Day, where they rotate to scientific stations throughout the day.

Jun 7, 2011

Reading Week

by Mrs. Beckstead

During National reading week, American Heritage Academy celebrates the many authors who make a great contribution to literature. Watch our Fine Arts director, Mr. S, read Dr. Suess out loud while doing his Guinness Book of World Records – ballon art! Scholars have enjoyed the company of local news anchors and authors such as Brandon Muhl. Scholars are also encouraged to take the no media challenge for two weeks – no video games, TV, or Ipods and instead pick up a read a good book. Those scholars who accomplish this challenge are rewarded with an all you can eat pancake breakfast.

Jun 7, 2011

Patriot Project “The Links of Liberty”

by Mrs. Beckstead

Our scholars at American Heritage Academy study history as a core subject. They learn about the lives of the many men and women in history who helped lay a foundation of freedom for our country. With our scholars’ passion for emulating the best traits of these individuals, they have written, directed and performed this transformational play.

A part from the play:

“These are the times that try men’s souls” wrote Thomas Paine in “The American Crisis”. “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service and his country; but he that stands here now deserves the thanks of man and woman. Tyranny like Hell is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” We too live in times that try men’s souls. Like the Founding Fathers, we find our liberty threatened in our country. We too have our own “sunshine patriots” who shrink from the service of our country, but we still have those who will not submit to any form of tyranny. Now is the time for patriots! It is a time to remember, “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

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