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Mrs. Natalie Burbidge

7th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Natalie Burbidge has a B.A. in Education with a minor in at-risk children.

Natalie Burbidge teaches seventh grade core, algebra, and leadership. This is her second year at American Heritage Academy. Mrs. Burbidge was drawn to AHA due to her love of God, teaching, and country. She has a strong belief in the classic education style, with its emphasis on faith, self-government, and Christian character. After receiving her B.A. in education with a minor in at-risk children, Mrs. Burbidge taught fifth and sixth grade before leaving to raise her three children. However, she did remain very active in education – volunteering at her children’s school, serving on the PTSO, acting as an aide, etc. Mrs. Burbidge is passionate about making learning fun and interactive. She hopes to guide her scholars to continue to develop their Christian character with a strong knowledge of the Founding Fathers and their ability to effect change. Mrs. Burbidge grew up in Carlsbad, CA, which she considers to be Heaven on Earth.