Jan 3, 2011

The Master Teacher

by Mrs. Beckstead

We often think about those traits that make one a good teacher – an intelligent mind, strong will, and unquenchable drive. While these are traits with which a teacher may be born, there is one much deeper condition that makes one a true master teacher.  A teacher must not rely on their own natural abilities but rather focus on inspiring their students.

To better understand what it means to inspire, Noah Webster’s 1828 American English Dictionary says that inspire means to communicate divine instruction to the mind, to infuse into the mind new meaning. In the definition of inspire take note that it means to communicate divine instruction.  Instruction comes through the Holy Ghost. In 2 Peter of the Holy Bible it says, holy men of God spake when they were moved by the Holy Ghost and they only spoke when the had this Spirit with them. The most important quality of being able to inspire others requires that a person rely on powers greater and more powerful than Continue Reading

Dec 17, 2010

Christmas Program

by Mrs. Beckstead

The year’s Christmas Program, The Spirit of Christmas, is always a beautiful experience.  We have an inspiring nativity the lifts the spirits of the audience.  We have amazing musical numbers sung by our fantastic teachers and students.  We love celebrating the birth of Christ by putting on our annual Christmas program.

Sep 23, 2010

Constitution Night 2010

by Mrs. Beckstead

Thank you for joining us for Constitution Night 2010.  Mrs. Beckstead, AHA’s Headmaster, addressed the audience about the foundation of the Constitution and the importance of this living document.

The AHA scholars performed the Preamble to the Constitution and sang “God Bless America.” The scholars then signed their classroom constitutions with quill pens in hand to signify their understanding of class expectations and governing rules.

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