Quick Facts About AHA

American Heritage Academy is a principle based Christian private school in Las Vegas serving families from North Las Vegas to Henderson.

About AHA

American Heritage Academy began as a small home school group that has grown into a robust private school that accepts students from pre-kindergarten to high school. Our approach at American Heritage Academy leads to academic excellence as students take personal responsibility for their education.

We foster:

  • exceptional character and personality development
  • a safe, disciplined environment
  • a love for learning
  • smaller class sizes
  • greater teacher/student interaction
  • an interest in higher education
  • and a life pursuit of learning

All scholars are accepted without regard to their race, religion, gender or national origin.

101 Facts About AHA


Academic Programs

Kinderprep & Kindergarten

Our kinder school program provides the first step to formal schooling. The seeds of academic mastery are planted through the introduction of an intensive phonics program, literature classics and poetry, geography, history, science and the fine arts. Our introduction produces a love of learning at a young age.

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Elementary School

Our lower grammar program provides academic skills in the areas of classical literature, grammar, writing, math, history, physical education, and the fine arts. They learn to reason and think reflectively and develop their Christian character with qualities conducive to successful learning.

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Middle School

Our upper grammar program is designed to balance rigorous academic courses with activities that also nurture the social development of our scholars. They are taught the principles of logic in thinking and reasoning and can communicate ideas and principles. Our notebook methodology prepares our scholars with the tools and habits of lifelong scholarship.

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High School

Our high school program is college preparatory with honor and AP level classes. A strong foundation in America's history and government, literary classics, foreign language, science, math and the study of the fine arts enable our scholars to compete with their peers for college entrance and scholarships.

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International Students

Our international program teaches our scholars the principles of logic in thinking and reasoning so they can communicate ideas and principles with a worldwide perspective. Our methodology prepares our international scholars with the tools and habits for a lifetime of scholarship and success.

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Athletic Programs

The athletic program at American Heritage Academy recognizes that each sport has been designed to build the character of each participant.

Every scholar is a valuable player to the team. Our scholars understand that maintaining a healthy body is important for scholarship and leadership. At the end of each sport's season, awards will be presented to each participating scholar. We participate in Fall, Winter and Spring sports. A sampling of our sports include:

Additional sports are added or changed seasonally according to demand. Scholars must maintain an above average grade point average to participate. This includes self-government standards of behavior.

Admissions and Tuition

American Heritage Academy offers classes ranging from Kinderprep to High School.

(four full days a week)
(four full days a week)
1st - High School
International Students

Our Mission and Philosophy

American Heritage Academy exists for the purpose of providing a principle-based education that develops the mind and heart. Scholars will increase in faith, develop a love, understanding and appreciation for America and its Founding Fathers, make education a life-long pursuit and develop Christian character for a life of service and leadership.