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AHA 101

  1. Our scholars test in the top 10% of the nation academically.
  2. We are accredited with AdvancED and we are recognized worldwide for our academic excellence.
  3. American Heritage Academy is over 20 years strong.
  4. Our curriculum is amazing – The Foundation of American Christian Education.
  5. We believe that the development of the intellect and moral character are intimately related.  Character is the first essential.
  6. Our teachers are all degreed, experienced and most have been with AHA a long time.
  7. We retain over 90% of our families every year. We are like a big family.
  8. Our teachers are caring and professional and they do not yell or use profanity.
  9. We teach our students HOW to think not WHAT to think with our 4 Rs – Research, Reason, Relate, Record.
  10. Our notebook method teaches organization and the value of work well done.
  11. Our Signature Scholar program teaches our scholars the character ideals they should live up to.
  12. We celebrate our National Constitution day with a yearly event and invite political leaders and speakers to address our families.
  13. Our scholars are well versed in scripture, the best thoughts in the world, and providential history.
  14. The moment you walk into our school, you can feel the difference.
  15. Walk through our halls, and you will be uplifted by our scholar’s behavior.
  16. Yes, we do recess and all of our scholars participate in physical education.
  17. Our scholars take a leadership class to learn the traits of effective leadership.
  18. Our school’s mission is to restore education to what the Founding Father’s intended for education.
  19. We do weekly school wide devotionals. What a great way to start the week!
  20. We have before school and after school program for our families.
  21. We do have homework but not too much. Most of our learning is done in the classroom.
  22. We appreciate our parent volunteers and provide a lot of opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education.
  23. Are you new to our school or a little behind? Don’t worry we have summer school.
  24. We accept all families who agree to abide by our standards. Even though we are a Christian school, we accept scholars of all faiths, nationalities and beliefs.
  25. Our scholars are 2 to 3 grade levels above their peers in public education.
  26. Our teachers stay after school and provide additional tutoring if necessary.
  27. We do parent education so our parents can understand our amazing curriculum.
  28. Our teachers, staff and administration give hugs. We are not afraid to show our love.
  29. Our uniforms are professional and if I may say so, our scholars look great in them.
  30. Our phonetics based language program RIGGS is the best in the industry.
  31. Our nonprofit school is affordable. Sibling discounts are available. Monthly payment plans are provided.
  32. Sure, we do fundraising but participation is always optional.
  33. We know each of our scholars’ by their first name.
  34. Our school is safe, secure and vigilant to our scholars’ safety.
  35. Our scholars memorize and recite poems, scriptures, the Declaration of Independence and preamble to the Constitution.
  36. Our bright and beautiful classrooms provide a great learning environment.
  37. From 2nd grade on we do math classes according to ability. The sky is the limit. We have high school seniors getting college Calculus credit.
  38. We have small class sizes. Our ratios are 8 students to 1 teacher. Classrooms are approximately 20 students.
  39. Our teachers attend yearly trainings and we have an ongoing master teacher development program.
  40. Parents have direct access to teachers. Our teachers will even give parents their phone numbers.
  41. Have a question with your child’s homework? Call your teacher.
  42. Every Tuesday all of your scholar’s teachers email you their syllabus. You always know what your child is learning and what their homework is.
  43. At the end of every quarter’s grading period, you meet directly with your scholar’s teacher(s) to go over in the report card in person.
  44. Half way through each grading period, you receive a progress report.
  45. Want to know what is going on at school? We send out a weekly Patriot Post.
  46. Like us on our Facebook page and we will capture the special moments at school.
  47. You will appreciate the speed and organization of our carpool system.
  48. If your scholar does not turn in their homework, they call home and let you know. No surprises.
  49. Our science program teaches the theory of creation in addition to the other secular science theories.
  50. AHA has Fall, Winter and Spring competitive sports with other schools. All scholars can play even if you are just learning.
  51. Our school days start with prayer, pledge and a spiritual devotional.
  52. We have after school clubs like math, orchestra, choir, guitar, theater, cheerleading, dance and chess.
  53. Our science fair week and science experiment day is a literally a blast!
  54. We use a notebook approach where our scholars keep a record of all their work in every subject.
  55. We teach real history and our scholars love it. It’s a favorite subject at AHA!
  56. Our extensive fine arts program teaches music, theatre and choir. They have a time dedicated to fine arts every day.
  57. We have yearly productions at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in the Spring.
  58. Our scholars write their own class constitutions and sign them on National Constitution Day.
  59. Our high school classes are all honor and/or AP level classes.
  60. We love our parents and they are always welcome in the school and classrooms.
  61. #1 reason our families love AHA is the wholesome environment.
  62. You have a problem, come in and see an administrator with our open door policy.
  63. 100% of our high school graduates have gone on to attend college.
  64. We teach Latin. (It helps boost our ACT scores.)
  65. We still teach cursive handwriting. It’s important in the brain development. We offer cursive camps to new scholars.
  66. We have a computer lab and teach basic computer skills. Our scholars know how to type and use a computer.
  67. We do IOWA and PSAT testing annually.
  68. Our high school scholars attend ACT/SAT boot camps.
  69. We do not have school on Mondays so students can have other appointments and activities on that day.
  70. We do not have a bully, drug or sex education programs. We have an honor code and teach correct principles in a positive manner.
  71. Our scholars read only the best wholesome books and have an individualized reading program.
  72. We have a scholar government with a House and Senate.
  73. High school scholars chose one of 25 foreign languages to study for 4 years.
  74. We have international students from all over the world.
  75. Our science program is “hands on” and our scholars do weekly experiments.
  76. We teach speech and debate. Our scholars are articulate and can speak confidently in front of others.
  77. Our scholars do four service projects for our community a year. They are our students’ ideas and they direct the project every step of the way.
  78. Our scholars study and actually understand Shakespeare and perform it. Every year, we go to the Shakespeare festival.
  79. We do quarterly field trips to plays, musical programs and museums.
  80. Our scholars love performing our annual traditional Plymouth plantation play.
  81. Our English program has a strong writing base and HS students take both an English and Writing Class.
  82. Our high school seniors write and defend a senior thesis upon graduation.
  83. We teach financial literacy and economics to high school students.
  84. Our physical education program teaches nutrition and health in addition to physical activity.
  85. Our scholars compete in Spelling and Math Bees.
  86. Our 5th graders go on day long “Battle Born” trip to our state capitol.
  87. Our 7th graders go to the Grand Canyon.
  88. Our 8th graders go on a twelve day “Path of the Patriots” trip to Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Virginia to learn about our nation’s beginning.
  89. 12th graders have an opportunity to attend the “Path of Civilizations” trip to Italy and Europe.
  90. All high school students have an opportunity to attend a summer humanitarian trip to a third world country with our “Path of Service” trip. This summer our high school students are going to Africa. They earned money and sent it to a village in Zambia, Africa to have a well built.
  91. Prom, Sadie Hawkins and school dances are a school highlight but we hold to our high standards of modesty and behavior.
  92. Our yearly art auction is amazing along with our gallery displaying our scholars’ art throughout the year.
  93. Our upper grammar scholars do a patriot project every year where they chose their hero to do extensive research on and portray in our museum.
  94. Our scholars perform their talents for their peers during Fine Arts Week.
  95. We love our annual book fair! Our library always appreciates book donations.
  96. Our Read Across America field day is always a blast. Let’s see who can read the most this year.
  97. We have an annual etiquette dinner for our upper grammar scholars.
  98. Our straight “A” scholars every quarter go out to lunch with our Headmaster. How cool is that!
  99. We recognize that each of our scholars have a unique mission and purpose.
  100. When you come for a tour of the academy, you tour with the principal.